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Addison security Ltd is a high quality organisation with a proven track record and many years experience in the security industry. We pride ourselves delivering premium services at budget prices through efficient, effective and competitive pricing of our services.

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The need for corporate protection has risen in recent years as a result of terrorist threats, corporate and internet based crimes. Consequently, the need for specialized and trained security officers cannot be over-emphasized. Addison Security Ltd has developed a comprehensive exclusive corporate protection package for its clients.


Does this strike you?

Shop lifting is rampant in most retail outlets. Retail shrinkage costs retailers billions of pounds each year and staff theft constitutes 38% of the losses. Retail employees experience intimidation both verbal and physical. Research shows that the presence of security officer helps to prevent assault and contributes in reducing shrinkage in the retail industry where competition is fierce. Shrinkage reduction can lead to growth and increase profit margin.


The Police responds to only 3% of activated alarms. What happens if they do not respond to yours?

Our Alarm response team with your key holder or our response team can respond independently and immediately. We liaise with the Police and provide you with a detail incident report. Our pro-active mobile patrol teams, shall patrols your sites at designated and or random intervals day or night 7/24.

We provide a free Dieter Control System. This electronic clocking system, generates a report that contains the location, date and time of the patrol.

We ensure that our patrol teams are within 10 mile radius of your property to guarantee swift response.


Theft in construction industry is big business with industry experts estimating annual losses at 508 million pounds yearly. Our security officers are vetted by the CSCS Scheme and shall assist in minimising accidents on construction sites. This is achieved by ensuring compliance with PPE requirement for both visitors and workers gaining access on site.

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